About Me

Hello and welcome to my recipe blog. My name is Mersedeh and I am an ethnically Persian, second generation Iranian born and raised in the UK.

My parents were both born in Iran and lived there until their twenties. My mother left Mashhad with my sister in tow in the early 70’s and created a life in England as a single mother. My father had departed Tehran to study in New York in the early 60’s. One fateful day, while on a motorcycle tour of Europe, my dad popped in to visit family in London and bumped into my mother and after whirlwind romance and a registry office wedding, I popped out in the late 70’s.

One of the big features of my Iranian upbringing has always been food. We are a family that lives to eat and while my journey to understanding my identity has been complicated, my relationship with the dishes from my mother’s land has been simple. Cooking and eating traditional dishes from my Persian heritage is the one area of being Iranian that has come easily to me.

I started this recipe blog for those who are learning to cook Persian / Iranian recipes and have pulled their hair out at their mother’s instructions of ‘add a bit of this and a bit of that’; other second generationers who may be seeking a tone of voice similar to theirs; and for those who are just interested in Middle-Eastern cuisine. The recipes range from traditional ingredients and methods to my fusion tweaks, which is apt as I am and always will be a fusion of the cultures I have been surrounded by.

I am a Maman (the Iranian word for mother) now and my daughter is ethnically a mixture of both Persian and English. She has big dark brown Persian eyes and ginger hair. She eats with gusto and is a little party animal like me; and she has a gentle and thoughtful nature like her English father. She is the perfect mix of both cultures and with her birth came the final cathartic release from the journey of understanding who I am and where I fit in.